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Frequently asked


1. Where are you located?

Our headquarters and warehouses are located in the center of Europe - Trnava, Slovakia.

2. Is there a registration / startup fee?

No, all the integration process is free and assisted by our experts.

4. What platforms do you integrate with?

We can integrate with most e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Shoptet, etc. There is also an open API.

5. Do I have to pay for the integration of my e-commerce store?

No, integration is prebuilt from our side and takes less than 24 hours to synchronize.

6. How long does it take to integrate and shipping through Ecosam Fulfillment Group?

On average implementation takes from 2 to 14 days depending on the complexity and volume of your stock.

7. On what basis do you invoice?

We invoice our clients fairly. You pay only for the space you use and the services you have used. We do not have any fixed fees. We sent invoices on a monthly basis. We provide invoices with a detailed overview of the services you were charged for.


1. Do storage costs change according to the storage space I use (pallet, shelves, boxes)?

Yes. You pay storage fees accurately to the space you use. We are fully transparent and you see all the space you occupy in the warehouse with exact quantities on each position.

2. Can I see my inventory and order status?

Yes, we are fully transparent. Stock with exact location and quantity left is visible. All orders are trackable and you may see when the order was packed and when it left the warehouse.

3. Do you provide shipping and storage insurance?

All the inventory received is automatically insured against damage and theft. All the domestic and international parcels are insured by carrier. Individual insurance may be discussed.  

4. How do I provide you with information about incoming stock?

In Ecosam Tech software we have a simple feature where you choose SKU and quantity that is incoming. After receiving the stock we check with data provided, in case of any deflection we contact you immediately. 

5. What happens if my stock arrives damaged?

We photograph the stock and notify you immediately.

6. Can I send a stock directly from a supplier?

Sure, we always do a quality check and take photos of the stock. We also may assemble the products.


1. Do you have a minimum or maximum order quantity required?

We recommend our clients to outsource logistics after reaching at least stable 300 orders per month. Due to our flexibility, there is no maximum limit.

2. How quickly can you ship our orders once you have received them?

Orders received till 10 am are shipped the same day. All orders are shipped within 24 hours upon receipt.

3. How do I receive information about shipped parcels?

Thanks to the Ecosam Tech platform we provide 100% transparency. The status of the orders is automatically updated. You see which orders were packed and shipped (attached tracking number).

4. How do you guarantee the quality of your services?

We always provide a real status of orders, if any parcel was not sent out or has been delayed you will see it. We fully understand the importance of logistics behind an e-commerce store. We prepare in advance for seasonality spikes, to always deliver on time.

5. May I use individual packing/branded packing?

Sure, we are open to individual solutions for e-commerce merchants.

6. Can you insert marketing materials/invoices into the packed box?

Yes of course.

7. What happens if the wrong items were picked into an order?

We have a success rate of 99,97%. However, immediately after recognizing errors like this, we send another package on our expenses. Then we identify the problem to ensure it never happens again.

8. Can customers track live their orders?

Yes, all national and international shipments include tracking numbers at no additional cost, so customers can track their own orders.

9. Do you deal with returns? Are you able to check the products?

Sure, to make it unmistakable for your customers, our sending address is also the return point. All returns received are quality checked. If the items are unused then we return them back to stock. If not we proceed with individual steps for each client.

10. What happens in case the parcel is lost or arrives damaged?

Immediately after you or your customer claims problem with a parcel our department dedicated to reclaims and refunds contacts authorized side and starts refund process.


1. Do you offer a COD?

Sure, we have a dedicated department to COD. We provide COD services to most of the countries where it is still used frequently.

2. How quickly will I get my COD funds?

We send out the COD money as soon as possible after we receive them. It takes around a week to receive funds from the delivery company. After that funds are transfered within 48 hours with a full report.

3. How often do I receive an invoice?

We invoice all services together in one invoice on a monthly basis. Each invoice comes with a detailed overview of services used a previous billing period.